Escape the Camp 22 Prison


WThis was the first escape room I’d ever done. The room was like a prison cell. Your team was separated into two groups and into two cells. Puzzles in one cell helped unlock certain things in the other, so communication was key. The fear of something in the toilet and having to go fishing in there was strong (I think a clue was in one of them though). One thing in particular about this room, is that it does something that I’ve never seen in any other escape room, where is uses elements outside the building itself as a clue to solving a lock. That particular trick, thinking about it, will work better in certain times of day and time of year than it will other times. We did ours during daylight and in the summer so, that helped. The puzzles were okay, but most were very random and not practical. Not things that’d make sense that you’d have in a prison cell for any reason and were just kind of there. There was also an element that was discarded and used as a red herring, which was interesting at the time, but upon reflection seemed lazy to keep it there. Despite that, it was fun enough that it lead to the entire adventure for everything else along the way. Played this room twice with two different groups (went in the opposite cell from the first time) and it also lead to many of the players down this same road of escape rooming. By far this location’s best room, but that may not be saying too much.




Escape the Camp 22 Prison
A good starting point
Room Quality80%
Customer Service75%
  • Good starter room
  • Puzzles a bit disjointed
  • Off-putting for seasoned players

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