The Haunting of Apartment 103


WOne of my top rooms. One of the things I loved best about this room is the immersion. You feel like you’re in a haunted apartment. The decor mixed with other elements, like the creepy music playing, only added to your own paranoia about what was happening and what could happen. The puzzles were good, though a couple felt like it was kinda there for the types of locks used and felt a little out of place. Lots of “hidden” objects that you pretty much had to scavenge the room to find. Either clues or keys or things like that. We dropped a very small key in a poorly lit area, and took us a while before we ran into it again to progress. A very interesting use of technology in this room as well to add to the interactivity and paranormal aspect. This room I’ve done three times with different groups of people and always had a fun time watching them. Things have changed each time either expanding the play area or replacing certain puzzles due to other people breaking and/or losing items. Not really for the faint of heart as it is a suspenseful room. It was moderately revamped in Oct of 2015 around Halloween.

MI have played this room twice, once in its original form and another time after they revamped it for Halloween last year. This room was also my very first escape room and has a special place in my heart because of it. It remains one of my top rooms purely due to the immersion aspect. I was genuinely freaked out in this room, from the décor, to the sound effects and music playing in the background. Looking back, the puzzles are nothing too special, but they were logical and made sense. Their use of technology was also well done and provided some interesting puzzles to work with. The revamp added in an entire new area to this room, and while one puzzle was not fully implemented at the time I did this room (it should be up and running by now), the ingenuity of it at the time was really cool. This is still one room and company that I continually suggest to my friends looking to get into escape rooms. In terms of horror rooms as well, this is definitely one of the better done ones.


After completing this room on three separate occasions, I think it’s safe to say that this room is easily one of favorite rooms of all time. This would be my first room at Level 1 and third room overall, so I didn’t really know what to expect. My last two experiences with escape rooms weren’t that great so I had relatively low expectations going into this. In my opinion, what makes this room so good is the immersion. It was just fantastic. Right when you walk in, you get this eerie and ghostly vibe- there was unsettling background music as well as a voice of a little girl laughing and crying. The lights were very dim and as time progressed, the lights would start to flash and then eventually turn off. A few jump scares that I’ll never forget added the icing on the cake. It was awesome. The puzzles were good if at times easy but a couple of them didn’t really make a whole lot of sense in relation to the theme; it just seemed like it was there to be a puzzle for a specific lock. Some technology we had never seen before was neatly integrated which was an interesting discovery. The 2015 Halloween update gave this room an expansion with extra puzzles that definitely increases the difficulty and it even added a bit more to the story. A certain task that needed to be performed wasn’t integrated in the room the last two times I did it, so I’m not too sure if it’s there now or that idea got scrapped. Either way, this room is fantastic and it comes highly recommended.

dThis room is heckin’ scary with jumpscares that occur in a frequency that seems specifically dependent on how nervous your group is (the staff is always watching and judging). So if you’re a bunch of weenies, well, expect to be scared a lot. This room’s decor and general ambiance is great, really well done and super unsettling. We were all spooked from the second we were closed into the room. I ended up having kind of a weird experience here due to half my group turning out to be incredibly jumpy screamers, so we stalled a lot on the scarier parts and while we got close, we didn’t end up getting out. Still a room I’d like to come back to, just with a calmer set of people. Definitely a recommendation for you weirdos out there that like to get scared.




The Haunting of Apartment 103
Frighteningly fun
Room Quality90%
Customer Service95%
  • Scary factor
  • Immersive

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