Final Request – retired

WThe second of the two rooms Breakout had when they came to Calgary. It’s a pretty classy looking study inside. Fancy chairs and a desk and wine glasses. The wording to their intro and warnings were a bit of clue to what you can look for in the room. Lots of innovative puzzles, both tech and old fashioned. One particular puzzle was a magnet sensor and didn’t work for us, as it was suppose to have opened something. The staff had to come in the room and watch us get the right answer to move us along. The second time I played, that same puzzle worked, but didn’t make any sound or impression that it was right and we had to physically open the object while checking. One particular lock puzzle was simplified down the second time around. One puzzle was like having a jigsaw puzzle that could fit any which way and you had to use a chart to figure out the positioning to give you the answer. All this within a 45 min time was a bit much. This was the only location we’ve done that’s been 45 mins. That seems to be the norm for Edmonton though.




Final Request - retired
A neat ambiance to the room, and hidden surprises
Room Quality90%
Customer Service80%
  • Nice decor
  • Interesting puzzles
  • Short time frame
  • Malfunction tech

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