Dead Meat


wHearing a lot about the room, being the Locked Room’s newest addition at the time. A larger, harder room that was zombie/cannibal themed, was pretty excited. This was also our first Locked Room experience, as our game play scheduling is usually last minute to see if everyone is available and book a room. Whereas for the Locked Room, since they’re the first in Calgary (and first in the search results for Google) are usually booked pretty solid, so we had to plan ahead with this one. You’re split up into two cells, and the both teams have to work together to get out. The room was like a holding cell for people to get butchered up for bbq or something. Lots of stainless steel. Puzzles were quite varied for me for how well they fit. Some were good and practical, some where kinda weird like putting a sudoku puzzle in for the sake of a puzzle (not what they did, just and example). One of the response devices used in the game wasn’t working near the end, so a staff member had to go back behind the scenes and kinda let us know if we had it or not. They told us to let the front desk people know we made it out with 10 seconds left. We told them and… nothing. Okay. Plus no photo at this place. All the other locations we had done to this point was all about the Win/Fail signs as well a team photo, but Locked Room didn’t do them for some reason. So, after doing their “best” room, and the below average customer service, and I guess our own expectations for succeeding, we didn’t really feel too eager to go back to this location considering how far ahead we had to book for it. Somehow, the second time I did this room I didn’t make it out. Goes to show how reliant you really are on the people in the other cell (were a family of random people and it was their first time doing an escape room).


I think this was my third room ever. Didn’t know much, had no expectations, and I ended up having a pretty decent time here. In terms of how we generally score stuff though, there’s room for improvement. Some of the puzzles were just plain ol’ puzzles and not exactly integrated into the theme, which was kind of weird and sort of silly when you consider how the situation is supposed to be urgent in the story of the room. There were some cool ideas, I especially liked the interactivity of one, though there also were some glitches that dampered the fun a bit. Plus the staff were rather apathetic in conversation and didn’t seem to want us to stick around for anything like a photo or whatever. That was an unfortunate way to end the experience. Oh well. Room was decent, staff was meh.


This was my first room at Locked Room, and my first impression wasn’t an overly great one. The puzzles were ok. The environment wasn’t anything special either. The “limbs” in this room were super cheesy looking plastic props, and you could kind of see the through the chain link fence walls to the “behind the scenes” aspect of the room where staff were walking around which hindered the immersion. We also encountered one technical problem in this room which was frustrating and was only fixed by a staff member happening to be there and moved an object blocking the sensor. We did not get time back for this. The staff in general weren’t very interactive at all either. Up until this point I had encountered nothing but super nice, excited and inviting staff so this was kind of a downer for me. This room left a generally bad taste in my mouth and put me off Locked Room for a while. If you are going to try Locked Room, I would suggest one of their newer locations instead.




Dead Meat
A bit lackluster, but was okay
Room Quality70%
Customer Service48%
  • Multiple puzzles for non-linear play
  • Larger player capacity
  • Random puzzles
  • Poor customer service

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