Psychiatric Hospital


WThis room, I believe, was remade from their “NY Apartment” room that we never tried, so hard to say if anything carried over (except one item, will mention later). It’s a nicely decorated room, where it looks like a clinic/hospital type of setting that’s dimly lit to give that spooky vibe. Lots of medical/science typed puzzles. Again, some random ones that aren’t related to anything and are just puzzles. In the last part of the last room there are painted numbers on the walls, that we tried to associate with something… these however were left over from “an old puzzle” and I can’t help but think it was from the NY Apartment but just too lazy to paint over it or incorporate it with a new lock. Just an issue with time being spent on things that are obviously a clue, but not a clue. There was a door lock for the final room that one of us guessed our way in and thus skipping a bunch of the puzzles, but also allowed us to make a record time for the room.

tI’m pretty sure this was their first room that replaced another room, the New York Apartment or some shit like that. Was that replacement warranted? I don’t know as I never done that room but this room was very mediocre. A couple good things I can say about this room- the puzzles were more related to theme with decent variety and it was much better decorated than their other rooms. If anything, the immersion was the best part about it. Other than that, everything else was subpar. You can see traces of the old room with old clues clearly painted on the walls and even objects. It’s like they didn’t even care to remove it;now it’s just there to throw you off and waste time. Because of that, we were trying to solve puzzles with those clues and when we were seemingly progressing to nowhere, so a hint needed to be burned. Even though I thought the puzzles were better related to the theme, there was still some consistency issues. Some puzzles are just there to be puzzles. On apparently the longest time wasting puzzle of this room, one of our brilliant team members decided to randomly guess something she thought made sense on the keypad of a door and it fucking opened, LOL!!!! This gave us more time on the last room and we beat the high score, LMFAO!!! Despite that, I can’t really say I’d recommend this room.




Psychiatric Hospital
While it tried, we weren't too impressed by it.
Room Quality65%
Customer Service75%

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