Back to the Future


WThe biggest novelty of this room, is the fact we did on Back to the Future Day (the date on the Delorean that Marty went to the future in the second Back to the Future movie). It did something I never had before where they blindfold you before you go into the room. You essentially start at the back of the room, but you don’t see the puzzles and such beforehand on your way in, so it adds to more of a surprise. Despite that, the room was a bit under whelming. The decor was kinda barren, and wasn’t much for decorations. A few posters were framed for things in movies that involved time travel. The puzzles weren’t great, but some were kinda innovative. Something about Edmonton and 45 min room times. We got out fairly quickly, and just needed to wait until our time for our second room that day.




Back to the Future
Must've hit 87 mph, just missed the mark a bit
Room Quality50%
Customer Service70%
  • Interesting use of devices
  • Under decorated
  • Puzzles a little disjointed

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