WThe Ring. Scary ass movie. So this is based on that. Like the previous room, we were blindfolded before being led into the room. Once in the room, it was a dimly lit living room with a tv on. Playing… you got it, the video on the cassette in the movie. Spooky! The room had actually a lot of innovative parts to it that involved everyday items as well a mechanical element to it (that ended up giving a scream from someone that deafened another member). After doing Back to the Future just an hour or so before, this room was more themed and immersive and were quite impressed by it in comparison. The last puzzle though… that one was a humdinger that we wouldn’t have thought about doing as we’ve never encountered anything like that before. We did use that train of thought on a future room because of the wording on a clue, but that was not the case. Good thing for hints. The fact we didn’t see how we got in the room made it a little disorienting for me as to where we needed to go, which I guess is the point? That and you don’t see the progression before hand to keep the surprise. Puzzles were good. One in particular actually required you to take something apart (which you usually don’t do in escape rooms) and one required a small mirror (which got broken) but we didn’t need it.




Room Quality75%
Customer Service80%

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