Maxim’s Dinner Party – retired

WWasn’t sure to expect being “Calgary’s only hosted escape room”. The experience of having someone (in this case two) people in the room with you while you’re trying to get out is a bit unnerving at times. We felt a bit more restricted that someone was watching us the whole time. Though, they were an actor and played a role in the room as our host. The second person in the room, I presume, was in training and just observing cause they didn’t say anything. It was an interesting progression. The story was we were invited to a dinner party by someone and then were poisoned. The cure was left somewhere (the guy had multiple personalities), and even if we find the key to escape the room, we still needed the antidote. The host, was the butler to this guy, where hints and clues were in the form of watching us struggle and giving us a nudge in the right direction. We found quickly this was a low to no tech room, which when it came to one of the final puzzles, it’s quite embarrassing in hindsight how we were thinking it was tech based (mag lock or motion sensor) when it was very direct instead. It was interesting, but was a while before we came to try the other room. The death-pile photo (as opposed to a failure photo as we were poisoned) was neat, but it wasn’t posted on their fb page, nor did we have a copy as the picture was taken in a middle area before we got to our locked away phones.




Maxim's Dinner Party - retired
Room Quality80%
Customer Service70%
  • Located in the industrial area

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