911 Response


W911 Response is the successor to the previous Puzzler room. Using similar elements it’s still a somewhat non-linear single room. Playing this room twice, and the Puzzler once, there were significant changes made to several of the puzzles. The use of plastic body parts took me out of the immersion, but the puzzles were neat. Some were kinda random and didn’t seem very coherent to the story that was given. Like the previous rooms, there is a neat electronic tech device that is used in the room as a locking device. Some things are hidden a bit too well, and made it hard to solve without the missing piece. There’s also a motive to get out of the room in a timely manner, but despite getting out, there is a secondary option in how you handle the motive. And while it’s not necessary to beat the room, it’s a logical option to have if you have extra time.




911 Response
Was alright, but nothing too amazing
Room Quality70%
Customer Service80%
  • Good for non-linear solving
  • Some impractical puzzles
  • Safe timeouts times

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