WWe tried the room not know what to expect as the place just opened a month prior (also couldn’t pronounced the name “Es-Cross”, only found it cause we heard about it from talking to the guys at another escape room). The room is inspired by the film Inception, going into a dream and delving deeper in the dream to plant an idea in. One thing about the room is that it’s heavily story driven. The pre-story actually has a lot to how you have to view things in the room. Another puzzle was something that was activated and a video played. Now, the video is poorly made, looks like stock footage and audio didn’t have much acting involved, which lead to bad dubbing (plus Chinese subtitles for some reason). This part felt like “now you have to let this time pass while this plays out” which eats up into your time. As far as tech goes, every time we thought “does this do something?” and most of the time it did! The last puzzle was math based. While it made sense to figure it out, it had to be done a certain way, as well using some of that pre-story knowledge to avoid something. The second time I played the room I noticed a calculator left by the final puzzle, as clearly people were having trouble visualizing the number they needed. The second and third time I played, I noticed changes in the decor each time to add to the atmospheres of each dream.




Lots of fun going deeper into the dreams
Room Quality90%
Customer Service85%
  • Lots of mechanics and tech
  • Felt like multiple themes
  • Some puzzles were a bit of a reach

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