WAfter having done Dreamweaver, we had high hopes for this room. Unfortunately, those hopes fell a little short when we did the room. After being stuck for 10-15 mins as soon as we entered, we needed a clue to start off our escape, which did not bode well for us. The layout was interesting as it used a system of progress check that was consistent throughout the room. So, you knew you were on the right path by checking this for items. One of the puzzles held us back, as it required four people doing things simultaneously in a particular order to be able to proceed. Unfortunately it’s within a certain time limit and in a certain order that had to be deciphered as you went along. One puzzle was specifically math based. So math based that they give you a pen and paper. The first time we got through by random luck, the second time I played someone in the group knew specifically the formula/equation to find the answer. The one interesting part of this room was the ending(s). There are four separate scenarios that can be achieved depending on an order of something you have to do at the end. Which makes sense of the background story you’re given at the beginning. Unfortunately for me, both times I played we got the same ending. Somehow.




Didn't really win us over in comparison
Room Quality70%
Customer Service80%
  • Innovative item dispenser
  • Multiple endings
  • Fairly random puzzles

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