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WPreviously Escape from Death Row, the prison theme was revamped in Oct of 2015 around Halloween, along with the other two rooms at the time. This spookified room has the same layout as before but a different story, puzzles and decorations. Again, as before, you’re split up into two groups in two separate cells. People in one will have clues to help solve riddles in the other. Now, while similar, there are a few puzzle elements I missed from the previous room. Certain things I’ve always found destroy the immersion for me, and when you’re doing scary rooms it’s usually the use of skeletons and plastic body parts. Kinda takes you out of the zone. Certain things needed a bit more clarification, as some of the last few puzzles we were racking our heads around how to connect the clue to the answer. Despite that, we’re top spot on the leaderboard to this day. This room is also slightly more expensive ($5 extra) than the other rooms due to its size to fit a larger capacity of players in.




Test Subjects
Good room, but not very memorable
Room Quality80%
Customer Service80%
  • Larger player capacity
  • Costs more to play the room

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