Visiting Hour



mThis room was my first room of GTFOs. You are initially put into straight jackets and led into the rooms where you will be split into two separate groups. You start in a padded rooms separated by glass and must work together to solve each other’s puzzles. From floor to ceiling, the decoration in the room is just amazing. I felt fully immersed and like I was in an asylum. There are a fair amount of jump scares so this room isn’t for the faint of heart. The puzzles are challenging but doable. I enjoyed the amount of physical puzzles in this room, which is a nice change from entering codes into locks all the time. We had one technical error in this room which set us back quite a bit of time that we didn’t get back but it was still enjoyable. This room is definitely a memorable for me and a big recommendation if you ever find yourself in Edmonton.




Visiting Hour
Room Quality90%
Customer Service90%

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