Ninja House – retired

WOur first room here, and it was fun enough for us to do another one right after (see The Lost Ship). It was a fun room, Asian themed and all, and was interestingly laid out. Lots of riddles and hidden elements to solve for locked items. The second part is fairly under decorated, uncertain if that was the intent or not. The hiding places left one of us debating if it was something or not as part was pretty plain. The puzzles were fairly laid out, where the lock boxes had a message on it in regards to something in the room that was the hint to open it (possibly for being one of their easiest rooms). One door had a riddle about the number of knocks it takes on the door, despite having a keypad on it. But based on the fact we did a room in Edmonton where there was a door sensor specifically for knocking, we pounded on that door for a good while before using the keypad. The staff was super friendly and energetic, partly how they convinced us to do a second room right after as it was available.




Ninja House - retired
A neat adventure
Room Quality75%
Customer Service90%
  • An interesting backstory
  • Friendly, energetic staff
  • Bubble tea!
  • Knocking
  • Plain middle section

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