The Lost Ship – retired

WAfter finishing the Ninja House, we had the choice to go and eat, or do another room. We semi-regret our decision. While the room was interesting to look at, and had some interesting puzzles, we don’t do rooms very well when hangry. The first room had many clues that were puzzles, but we spent a lot of our time figuring them out when in reality we didn’t need them till later, so we lost a bit of time on that. An item was very carefully placed on top of a lockbox, indicating that it was part of the clue to the box, obviously. But we threw it aside and didn’t look at it. The audio playing in the room was indeed something like a ship at sea would’ve sounded like, but the loud volume made it hard to communicate, but was also on purpose to act as a distraction to the players. A lot of our issues were not looking at things thoroughly enough. Hangry didn’t help. It was definitely and interesting room with a unique theme that I felt was a bit on par with the Ninja House earlier, in terms of overall development. The puzzles were definitely more difficult this time around though, but also quite a bit inventive with how some of the locks for items were used.




The Lost Ship - retired
A neat adventure
Room Quality70%
Customer Service80%
  • Interesting theme
  • Loud

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