The Chamber of the Mysterati – retired

WOur second room at Escape Capers, where we’re all inducted into a secret society and in order to join would need to escape within the time frame. The rooms was okay, made to look like a sort of … i dunno, museum? Sections of the rooms were based on the original founders and each led to clues into getting  into specific parts of each area. The room was very open, and because of the separated areas, it allowed for multiple thing to be solved at a time, being less linear. The puzzles were interesting, again, as a low/no tech location it was more puzzles and riddles and less flashy mechanics (although there was an element that made a low tech device, which was interesting to see). The mood of the room was different this time around. Not different bad, but different good. The problem with having “actors” in the room, is how well they can act, I suppose. Do they add or detract from the theme of the room and the role they’re to play. Our host for this room, was different from the Dinner Party room we did prior. And it seemed to work a bit better, or at least the role seemed more suited as we didn’t have the same host so can’t say for certain. Stuck on the last puzzle, some quick math and alphabet association brought us there, but in the end couldn’t get it in time.




The Chamber of the Mysterati - retired
No secret handshakes for us, but we had fun
Room Quality75%
Customer Service85%
  • Interesting puzzle elements
  • Smelling puzzle
  • Lots of accumulating clues for multiple uses

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