Red Cabin



Huh. Well like any place, having an “outdoor” theme inside a locked room is going to be challenging to make it work properly and believable. This was, by far, no exception by any means. It was Red, but it was not a Cabin. Your team will have two members (if you have four or more, if it’s three it’d be just one member) is taken and placed into the “cabin” (just a big tool shed), to act as part of the story. The story is you go into the woods and find a “red cabin” with two people stuck inside. You proceed to free them and escape the forest together. Now, there’s nothing for the people inside to do. It’s not like splitting into different jail cells and help each other get out. Literally, you help them get out first and they sit there. Inside. And hang out. So, there’s nothing really that tries to make this feel like outdoors. There’s a lattice fence on the back wall with some vines on it above a park bench. The tiles floors, and pipes, and WALLS OF THE ROOM, didn’t make it feel outdoorsy at all. Things that also didn’t help were the puzzles ON the walls. The clues painted on and devices attached to the walls! The walls of this forest. We literally used our two hints on the first two puzzles. So random and not even close to practical. It’s almost as if the puzzles were figured out first, and then the room assembled with the theme in mind (sorta, not really). Y’know what else didn’t help the theme? The device that needed to be PLUGGED INTO THE ELECTRICAL OUTLET OF THE WALL. They seemed to try as the room had the most “tech” out of the other rooms, but didn’t really have the best place to showcase it. There were so many little notes of “not part of game” or “do not touch” and “be careful when using” and such that we totally ignored a clue because it was written the same way in the same area. Didn’t get out when the timer hit, but I don’t think anyone minded that it was over.


I’ll keep this review nice and short- this room is absolutely terrible and I feel like that’s an understatement. Before this room erected, Escape2gether had probably the worst collection of rooms and after two more businesses starting up (Level 1 and Breakout) you would think they would have put on their creative thinking hats and create a room with much more sophistication and ingenuity. But NOPE. Instead, we get this fucking disaster. What a gigantic piece of shit. I was actually surprised about how bad this was. Where do I start? The décor and atmosphere were abysmal. The setting of the fucking place is supposed to be out in the fucking woods. When you walk in this room, the lights are completely turned on (and stayed on), there’s a red shack in the middle of the room and there’s literally nothing to make you feel like you’re outside let alone the woods. Speaking of that red shack, two members from your team are taken away from the group and are placed inside the shithole and literally- the two people inside have absolutely dick all to do other than braiding each other’s hairs and being all sorts of uselessness. They painted clues and a bunch of other gibberish throughout the walls of the room and none of it made sense. Their puzzles were not fucking easy and nothing related to the theme of the room either. I actually can’t believe this room was conceived. If anything, this room made you feel dumber than anything. Just terrible. My recommendation goes without saying.




Red Cabin
Next time we'll take a detour from the outing.
Room Quality16%
Customer Service40%
  • Disjointed, random puzzles
  • Far from immersive, no atmosphere
  • Low quality for a newer room

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