Prison Escape – retired


DPrison is a common theme for escape rooms, and why not? My first room was a prison themed room. A couple other locations also have prison themed rooms. So, what makes it stand out? Well, this one feels a bit more spacious. Hint button is outside the cells, but somehow we didn’t need it. Almost though. Like most rooms that split you up as such, there needed to be communication as things in one cell helps the other cell. The rooms were furnished well and had a dirty prison look to it. Did the puzzle twice, and the first time some items on a desk were laid out to spell a clue but SOMEONE moved them around (luckily I kinda remembered their original positions). The second time they were all glued in place. Hahaha. Mostly practical puzzles, a couple of odd ones we had to go searching for to find the answers. The room had a lot of collective clues, where you get bits and pieces of something to use for later. Certain things we noticed off the bat in the cells killed a lot of our time as we tried to associate them with out escape, but were meant for a later puzzle. One puzzle had a weird wording or deciphering riddle to it that took us a bit. Guess that dry erase board and marker for there for a reason. Oh, also: math.




Prison Escape - retired
One of the more interesting prisons out there
Room Quality75%
Customer Service80%
  • Felt like how a more practical prison is laid out
  • Clues placed really early for later puzzles
  • Lots of lock boxes

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