Ancient Egypt

WOh, man. As soon as you step into this room, there’s a wow factor there that I didn’t quite expect but BOOM. It makes sense, just didn’t expect it. Much of the interior is well done. Not quite like the Mummy, but it’s good enough. A good amount of clues and puzzles that are thematic with everything. One particular part was hidden in an odd spot that gave some trouble to find. Same with something we had to find with a black light, wasn’t the easiest thing to pinpoint. Another clue that was given to us, I had solved a lock box without using it, so kept trying to use that clue on other puzzles having “not used it yet” so it must’ve lead to something, right? It was a fun experience along with the other rooms I’ve found here at E-Exit.



Ancient Egypt
Was good.
Room Quality95%
Customer Service90%
  • Nice decor
  • Themed well
  • Repetitive lock boxes

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