Vacation Vandals


WThe first issue we had was that the room was one of the party rooms made and decorated for kids’ parties. So naturally we saw the theme and elements in the room in relation to the theme of the escape room. Which is was not. A lot of time was wasted on devices and gadgets made for the party room and were not part of the escape room. The room had two tables with items on top and a large “travel case” that was locked. Inside were more smaller locked boxes. And inside some of those were even smaller locked boxes. It became a bit repetitive after a while, like the Russian nesting doll of puzzles. The puzzles were trying to be somewhat on theme, but also random in their solutions and relations to unlocking the locks. Asking for hints also didn’t really help us as some were really vague or just plain not helpful. There was one particular lock, that was also a container in itself, that I’d never seen in any other escape room before so we were stumped on it for a bit. One puzzle piece wasn’t working for us, and one of the staff members had to give us the answer to move on as it was defective. We were apparently close, and given an extra 15 mins to try to escape, which most of it was spent on a single puzzle. A disappointing hour later, we had a very blurry failure photo taken and emailed to us a few days later.




Vacation Vandals
Should stick to Laser Tag
Room Quality10%
Customer Service30%
  • Cheap
  • Can play laser tag before/after
  • Not immersive
  • Clunky puzzles
  • Poor hints

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