The Wine Cellar – retired

wDespite the lackluster reception we got from doing Dead Meat, we decided to give the Locked Room another go, if for anything, for completion. Only a couple of us went this time with a friend as it was rather impromptu and we were bored. In the room we were also paired with couple of random people who also booked the room as it had a higher capacity of people than we had, so the spot remained open. It was their first escape room, and while they were okay, it didn’t feel like they really contributed too much as there was a lot of over thinking (and we already do enough of that ourselves). The room was a single room, but as such it was actually not bad. It was decorated well and had a few different elements in it to make it interesting. It was fairly linear apart from a couple parts, but items were either collected and clues that were present for puzzles that were not available yet. So, we spent a bit a time trying to fit “Clue H” to “Puzzle C” for a lot of it (part of the over thinking). A bit of a time-waster puzzle in there, while a interesting, it was all everyone can do is watch while one to two people tried to complete it. Knowing what we have to do, but just having to physically be able to get from Point A to Point B.




The Wine Cellar - retired
Room Quality75%
Customer Service70%

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