Escape the High Castle


WThe first thing we see when we walk into the room is a glowing, neon swastika on the back wall. Okay. It IS a WWII themed espionage themed “adventure room” as opposed to “escape room”. There’s an objective to achieve and that’s why you’re willingly going into a Nazi base to steal files. The video, again, that they show you as an intro to the room is important as dates are used as a hint to combination code. So you have to pay attention! The first part was kinda cool with the look of it, but kinda changed up as we were essentially told all the surprise mechanics and not to touch or do certain things to avoid breaking them. The puzzles ranged from interesting to infuriating. Again in the room is a time-waster, where you need to line up certain things a certain way but doing so was a terrible endeavour and we were all stalled on it (they actually adjusted this puzzle the second time I played it). For the most part it was a pretty linear room, so with larger groups (ours was six people) a few of us were kinda sidelined until certain things were figured out. One puzzle, while extremely difficult, was interesting as it used a legitimate form of ciphering/deciphering. The hint helped up start it up, but the second time I did the room, there was an example left with it as it must’ve been hard to figure out for a lot of people. The ending was kinda “blah” as it wasn’t an escape and we just had to figure out the cipher and radio it in (the host being our guy on the outside).




Escape the High Castle
Room Quality65%
Customer Service75%

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