The Vault


WLevel 1’s long awaited 4th room. I’ve beta tested this room as well played it three times after. Lots of little easter eggs and references if you’re into Fallout. Even a hacking puzzle. Trapped in the post-apocalyptic future, you have to get in (then out) of the saferoom of a nuclear fallout shelter. Certain things from the beta testing were, thankfully, removed during the regular play of the room. The one thing I noticed, are things evolving and changing in the room. Either more puzzles, different puzzles or more Fallout-ish references and devices. It’s a neat room, and I’m sure anyone who plays the game would be interested in it. The last part seems a little under decorated, as well a part that can make it a no-going-back scenario if the wrong moves were made. Keypads that don’t lock you out, I love you! This room, does cost $5 more to play than the other rooms (aside from Test Subjects) at this location. Hints are also earned in the ways of items you find as you go and then you trade them in for hints.


I did this room originally as a beta tester but went back again recently to try it out with a group of newbies. I was really impressed with the changes to the room’s design since then! The decorations and puzzles are much more polished now. There was no ambient sound or music though, which was a change from the beta and something that I found sort of affected my immersion given that I could occasionally hear people talking and laughing outside. Oh well, not a huge deal. There’s some really creative little puzzles in here anyway, and the theming is impressive. It’s a room that’s a bit higher in difficulty, maybe not the best for total newbies, but we got through and everyone had fun.




The Vault
Lots of fun things in the wasteland
Room Quality83%
Customer Service83%
  • Themed well
  • Expansive play area
  • Poorly lit, no flashlight
  • Costs more to play this room
  • The inside of that fridge!!

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