Headhunters – retired

WThis location we found, like Escape Capers (which is only a few blocks away from this place, and how we initially heard of this place), is a low to no tech type of room. Where there’s no fancy sensors or magnetic locks or anything like that. Done with riddles, play on words and math. Always math. The room is just that, a singular office room. So anything we can find or solve is already in the said space. There are several puzzles than can be solved right away as it’s somewhat non-linear up to a certain point, but once you have all the parts together it starts adding up towards the final puzzles. The rooms looked like a  typical office with desk and filing cabinets and whatnots. We had six people in the room, and it felt a bit cramped in there. Also found that something I don’t run into very often where one solution works for more than one problem presented. We ended up getting out within the time frame despite some troubles with the math, but then free popcorn! Woo!




Headhunters - retired
Another day in the office, nothing outstanding
Room Quality70%
Customer Service85%
  • Non-linear, allows simultaneous solving
  • Popcorn
  • Nothing out of ordinary

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