Locked in the Attic – retired

WThe room looks like a dark attic. Slanted on one side for that authentic look. The room, again, is one of those low/no tech rooms. Relying more on the puzzles and such, not saying there isn’t any little gadgety surprises involved, cause there is. The puzzles were okay, they were a bit timey and random but kinda fit the theme of things found in an attic I guess. You can tell they do a lot of their own work in the puzzles. As in… there’s a photo book of a bunch of people in different decades of different ages wearing types of clothing, of which the actual articles are hanging in the room. So they dress up their own people and take the photos and pow: consistency. The music was played through an ipad on the wall, but it had issues with the wifi or something so most of the time we could either have the music from YouTube streaming or our timer visible. So we made the most practical choice. That said, the room is fairly small, and while it says four to six on the website, four was a fairly adequate amount for us. And free popcorn afterwards!




Locked in the Attic - retired
Glad my attic isn't like this one
Room Quality80%
Customer Service90%

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