Sinister Study – retired


WIt was a fairly large room upon entering. Which makes sense as it has a large player capacity of 10 people! We went with our full group, even invited a friend for his first time, but still got stuck with a couple of Randos. It wasn’t bad, as they were actually quite helpful with a few of the puzzles in this room, despite being their first room as well (like most of the Randos we get stuck with). The room looked more like a rec room than it did a study, being furnished with a pool table and foosball table among other things. And was brightly lit which made it seem anything but sinister. The foosball table (at the time) was put into the room and not yet implemented as a puzzle, but moreso that it WOULD be a puzzle in the future. So, we burned a bit of time on it as some elements were put on it already. Overall the room had a wide variety of puzzles that could be worked on by several people at a time, which is good for such a large group capacity. There were a lot of inventive puzzles and really neat interactive ones as well that you didn’t see in other rooms (at the time at least).




Sinister Study - retired
Not sinister, nor a study, but still enjoyable
Room Quality80%
Customer Service80%
  • Variety of types of puzzles
  • Large player capacity
  • Wasn't very immersive to its namesake

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