The Haunted Apparment


MThis room was slated to be the most difficult of all of InTraps rooms and I went in a group of and found by the end we maybe could have benefited from a few more people. The rooms themselves were not overly well decorated. They did however do the scary vibe well. My problem with this room was that it was extremely easy to find the “technology” in each. For example you could tell exactly where there were sensors for something you needed to place on top due to a faint outline as well as exposed cords leading to something on a surface. This happened a lot in the room and it definitely took me out of the immersion. My other problem with this room was a particular puzzle involving water. Without too much detail, I was able to figure out what the use the water for by feeling for a very obvious sensor. However, without that, the different options were nailed down so if you did not use the water correctly, you were pretty much screwed as you would not be able to move that water over. The last puzzle to get out of the room was quite difficult as well. I don’t think the sensors were working properly and you had to be very precise in your “movements” to make it work. There were some really great ideas for puzzles in this room but the execution of them fell short and because of this, it made for a just so-so room for me.




The Haunted Apparment
Room Quality60%
Customer Service85%

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