Vortex – retired

WBeen waiting a while for this room. They’ve had it announced when they first opened up, but it kept getting pushed back and back. So it was a heavily anticipated room. The premise behind the room was to travel through different parts of time to different areas to grab certain objects. The design of the room is to have NO locks in the way of key, pad, combination or directional. Basically what you did activated something to lead you to something and etc. Which is great for resetting the rooms, and not losing misplaced items. I quite enjoy it as it takes a lot of ideas I had initially when thinking of what I would do for a room I would make. So the different time periods make different themes, so it’s a good change to keep things interesting, not unlike the Dreamweaver room. I guess maybe too many people were succeeding, as I played the room twice in a week’s time with two different groups and they had adjusted a puzzle just being math based, to being deciphering and math based. Some of the puzzles were touchy to how close/accurate they had to be in order for the sensor to work. Not good for our one teammate who can’t ride the teacups at Disneyland.

tThis room came highly anticipated as it took quite a while for it to be completed and creator of this room dubbed it as his life’s work. Don’t quote me on that but it was that important to him. Anyways, this room was awesome. Definitely my favourite room at Breakout Calgary. The theme of this room is to essentially time travelling into different eras of time and collect certain artifacts. This room was unique in the sense that it had no locks which means you weren’t looking for things like 3, 4, 5-number/letter combos or directions, etc. That seemingly allowed the puzzles to be much more creative and interactive. I liked it. In terms of the overall room quality and immersion, each era of time worked for what it was supposed to represent. I only had a couple issues with the last portion of this room; it didn’t really feel like much and the puzzles were a notch down from the others in terms of the consistency. The mechanics of time travelling was very neat and creative. Just don’t be THAT guy who likes to proverbially rock the boat. Go check out this room. Definitely worth your while.




Vortex - retired
Felt very wibbly, wobbly, timey, wimey!
Room Quality93%
Customer Service80%
  • Multiple themes
  • Innovative room mechanisms
  • Some sensors seemed too sensitive

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