The Great Train Heist


WSo, less of a “locked” room and more of an “adventure” room. The door is not locked, but there is an objective to be achieved. First when I heard they were doing a western themed room for one of their new locations, I was like, “Oh, Calgary…”, but it was actually really good! As we were reluctant to go to the NE location of the Locked Room due to our experience in Dead Meat, as well their open availability, we decided to try their new locations. As the name suggests, you’re robbing a train and it looks like a train car, a long narrow room that fully decorated. There was even sound (not music) playing to sound like it was on a train track. The puzzles ranged from tech to old timey. It was a good mix. One of the final puzzles was a doozie though and we had a heck of time with it where we were getting really convoluted answers till we asked for a hint. The staff were really friendly, and oddly enough this location of the Locked Room did victory pictures at the end (unlike the NE location). They take it, it gets a nice border put on with their logo, then it’s uploaded to an ipad where you can email the photo to yourself. Progress!

mThe new locations Locked Room has opened have really been a big improvement to their repertoire, this room is no exception. The decorations were well done and it really put you in the “train car” environment with sliding doors and all. These puzzles were fairly tricky for my team and I, had to use a decent number of hints. The last puzzle was difficult, but by no means unbeatable and made sense after getting through it. A few of the locks were hard to get at, requiring you to get on the ground at an awkward angle to be able to see what you were doing, but that is my only gripe. Getting the pay off in the end was satisfying as well, as the goal was not to escape, it was to rob the train. The staff here were friendlier than other locations, and despite having a Game Master in training, were able to provide hints effectively and efficiently. This was the first room we’ve done with Locked Room to offer photos after the room and they were well done. The system they use with the instant upload to an iPad and the ability to send it to everyone in your group right then and there is just great. The original Locked Room will hopefully soon follow suit and improve their old rooms to these standards, as these new locations are really blowing the original Locked Rooms out of the water.




The Great Train Heist
Reach for the sky! We got the gold!
Room Quality90%
Customer Service93%
  • Immersive theme
  • Well decorated
  • Friendly staff

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