Pharaoh’s Treasure



WBeing on Whyte Ave (the equivalent of I’d say 17th Ave in Calgary) it was hard to find parking, even on a Tuesday evening when we went. Tucked away amidst other companies we ended up walking right by it as it was a small entrance. It had some interesting puzzles in it, which were all themed accordingly. There was a neat way of traveling between parts that kinda made it a bit creepy. The room was dimly lit as well to add to that as you’re suppose to be in the tomb of the Pharaoh. It wasn’t a terrible room, but it wasn’t really the best Edmonton had to offer either I felt. I suppose the idea of the Polaroid is for the sake of novelty, but you don’t get a picture of it unless you take a photo of the photo. I suppose at least you get a photo. Even then it wasn’t too memorable of a time but for ambiance I do prefer E-Exit’s Ancient Egypt more.




Pharaoh's Treasure
Neat, but not quite best of the theme
Room Quality70%
Customer Service70%
  • Variety of puzzles
  • Lack of direction
  • Not memorable

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