The Heist

wFirst room of this location we tried. The decor of the main area is neat, albeit a bit cramped even for four people. The premise is to break into a rich guy’s house and steal his valuables. So the objective isn’t to break out, but in, then out. Some of the puzzles were a bit of a reach to grasp together, where some looked like it should’ve been a puzzle, but was part of the decor instead. One puzzle we all overlooked except for the one girl of the group. It was a lady related item that we didn’t really pay much attention to. Took a bit in the first area, but then as we progressed, we ran into certain puzzles (like a lockbox/container that we’d never seen before) to things like Roman Numerals (which I know myself) and then ultimately “devices” that didn’t look like they were part of the game play but rather the build of the room. Turns out they were part of the game in the end. Wasn’t anything amazing, but was a fair quality room by a new location for the Locked Room.




The Heist
Hard start, but we made our escape
Room Quality75%
Customer Service80%
  • Not an escape, but an objective
  • Certain puzzles didn't look like puzzles

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