Hipster Hangover – retired

WBlindfolded entry! First time that was done since Eescape in Edmonton. Neat, because you start and make your way out without spoiling what comes next. It’s rated as an 18+ room due to the themes involved such as substances, alcohol and other grown up things. Room was very hipstery… or hippie? Felt like 70’s or 80’s. Heard rumors before it was going to be like the Hangover movie, but it was not. Which is good cause I’m not sure how that would’ve worked. The room was decorated as such and fit the theme. Like the Hangover movie, it was the fact we started somewhere we didn’t know and had to retrace our steps using clues and elements given to us to figure out what happened and then to find a way out. It was a slow start in the beginning but then we found our stride and eventually got out. Some puzzles were a bit of a stretch to get and took some out of the box thinking. Some were hidden and had to be discovered. Could’ve been a normal room with amnesia and substituting beer cans with… pop tarts, but having the more mature elements actually changes a bit of how you treat the experience of the room oddly enough.



Hipster Hangover - retired
Rated M for Mature
Room Quality80%
Customer Service80%
  • 18+ themes are fun
  • A good difficulty
  • Somewhat disjointed puzzles
  • Not for larger people

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