Prison Break

wAnother prison room. The difference with this one, is you’re all starting in the same locked cell and work together from the start. There’s a toilet that may or may not have required to go digging. The room itself was okay, nothing to really decorate a jail cell and office. There was a connecting room between those two that was really cool though, more immersion/atmosphere but wasn’t a gameplay device or clue or anything. We kinda skipped a puzzle here just by random guessing some switches. The office was an office, small but it was fine. Some little puzzles around there, and one type of locked container we never saw before. Some of the clues are progressive, so things you see or get in certain parts that don’t come into play until later on. It was okay overall, but lacked anything really memorable for a theme that’s been overdone (aside from the thing in the second room). They did take a picture of us in the cell though. Unlike the other new location of Locked Room (that took a picture, had a logo/border added on, and sent to your email from an ipad) this place only took a picture of us on one of our phones. Which in turn is still more than what we got from the original location that had no documentation for us.




Prison Break
A narrow escape but we got out
Room Quality65%
Customer Service85%
  • Common theme
  • Not memorable

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