Lair of the Minotaur


wWe were reluctant to do this room as we kept hearing it was “kid friendly” specifically and assumed that meant “super beginners’ room”. I suppose as such, it was just not an “adult” room like Hipster Hangover, or “scary” like Sinister Study (both rooms also at that location) but was an “all ages” room. So many quotation marks. The room itself is okay. Set up loosely like a museum-like kind of feel, kindaplain looking, it has lot of Greek mythology themed clues and puzzles throughout (but you’re suppose to be in ancient Greece so, this must be the kid aspect of make believing). Was somewhat non-linear as a few of us broke up with the couple of Randos (yeah, we got booked with Randos again) and worked on separate puzzles. There were some progressive puzzles as well, that had us collecting parts and pieces to assemble into a clue. Although, a staff member did come in, and put a piece we found away to find again, as it was not properly reset. There was a lot of variety to types of puzzles and clues used. There’s a lot of exploration needed for that room, as it gets quite expansive as you progress. That awkward time though when we made it out in a record time to make the leader board, but since the Randos were with us we couldn’t use our regular team name and had to come up with something random just to fill the spot.




Lair of the Minotaur
We can give Hercules a run for his money
Room Quality60%
Customer Service70%
  • Creative theme
  • Not immersive (as per the description)

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