The Forbidden Temple

wSo, we tried to jump on this the day that it opened to try to have our group do it. The Locked Room is rather infamous for us to have us set up in rooms with random people (see hereonout as Randos). So despite that we were grouped with a middle-aged couple. It wasn’t bad in this case as they did help on a few of the puzzles. The room in itself is pretty neat, very Last Crusade feel to it, rightfully so. One puzzle in one of the rooms is taken directly from that movie (near the end of the film) and is quite well done and innovative, even if it was pretty touchy in how you used it. There was something in the room that looked like another device in the room linked to one of the final puzzles, but it wasn’t in use. Just looked like it was stored there, so that wasted a bit of our time. In the end, a keypad wasn’t responding properly and we couldn’t progress with only one puzzle away. I guess waiting and not going the very day it opens allows for the kinks to be worked out first. The staff profusely apologized and gave us the option of either a credit for a room another time, or to do another room then and there. The Randos took the credit, we proceeded with Captivity.




The Forbidden Temple
Was a fun adventure despite not getting the grail
Room Quality75%
Customer Service80%
  • Creative theme
  • Malfunctioning puzzle

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