A Great Discovery


tThe second stop on the August Edmonton Escape Room Tour lands at Escape City’s most difficult room: A Great Discovery. If I could describe this room in one word, it would be ‘Underwhelming’ and I seriously hope this room is not a representation of their other rooms (this was our first room at Escape City). This room was not bad by any means but there was nothing very memorable about it. Besides a couple things, I honestly don’t remember this room very well. The room was setup with a good backstory and your main objective was clear. The décor was decent for what it’s worth. We were slow right out of the gates so a couple hints needed to be burned but once we got rolling, things fell neatly into place. The last portion of this room was a bit tricky. If you haven’t done any puzzles that included using a particular sense (out of the five senses) prior to this room, you might be wasting your time or burning a hint. This room is certainly NOT A Great Discovery- skip it.

mThis room was my first experience with Escape City. The room all in all was a solid one however there wasn’t really anything that made it stand out. The puzzles were challenging, but doable (after using a few hints). With this being their most challenging room there were definitely some moments of frustration but the puzzles all did make sense in the end. The decor was simple, and for the setting it’s based in, all fit the story well. The room alone is well done for what it is, but in comparison to other escape experiences out there, it just wasn’t fun enough to recommend it above a lot of other rooms.




A Great Discovery
Room Quality70%
Customer Service80%
  • Challenging but logical puzzles
  • Not memorable

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