Mutiny on the High Seas


wWe always put off doing the original Locked Room location for some reason. We only had a couple left to do there, but it just never came up so we decided to do one. Now, the way their booking system works is different than other rooms. By selecting the number of participants you can see if the room is available or not. If it hold up to eight people and you select six and it says full, that means someone is in there. You can find out by selecting one less participant each time and seeing if the room is “full” or not. We went in knowing there were already two Randos in there already. ‘Lo and behold, it was their first time doing a room. Like every time for whatever reason when we go to the Locked Room and get random people. They were actually pretty cool though. A married couple (he was an engineer, so that didn’t hurt) who actually pulled their weight pretty well. I’m sure their first impression was made a little better with us in the room to help out as the room was a bit big for just two people. This was one of the original rooms and I’m not sure if anything was changed or not since it opened. The puzzles were fairly on point with the theme, but some of them were VERY obviously a puzzle that made it stand out from the rest of the room. A few spacial puzzles in there made a good variety for a starting room along with everything else. One puzzle was specifically a riddle, so you have to figure out the answer. They seemed to have fun and enjoy themselves, which is good. We also had a victory photo at the end! Same sort of thing they had in their Southland location (photo, branded border, ipad, email) so it seems like all the locations are getting on board with that now.


This was my second time at this location, and I’m happy to say it went much better than my first experience here with Dead Meat. It’s a single room, but you have to get out of a prison first so there’s still a sense of movement in that regard. The decor for this room was pretty nice, very cabin-like. A bit dark, but it adds to the mood well enough. The puzzles are pretty varied and mostly well integrated with the theme, plus somewhat non-linear so for the most part our group got to spread out, which is always preferable to having like 6 people hovering over a single puzzle. There’s an interactive part that references Pirates of the Caribbean too- I thought that was pretty cute. Had a pretty good experience overall.




Mutiny on the High Seas
Room Quality85%
Customer Service75%

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