Below Zero – retired

wWe did it on the last couple of days it was still around until they swapped it out for a new room opening in Dec. A point of interest for this room was that it was “chilled” and gradually got warmer as you solved it being located in a walk-in freezer. It was cool, but not freezing by any means (understandably so), but we didn’t really notice it getting any warmer either. It had a couple rooms after it that may have dispersed the temperature but no one was complaining about the cold. Puzzles are a bit random with one time killer in the first room. Tried to stay on theme but took us a bit to get started. Ended up skipping a couple parts to the first room and had to go back afterwards. We essentially had to disarm a bomb the mob trapped us with, but we ended up opening the escape door without disarming the bomb. The bomb itself had also a 1/4 chance of success, and a 1/4 chance of failure. No specifically right or wrong answer apparently as it’s random. So… we counted it as an escape as we opened the door. The last two rooms were a bit under-decorated and didn’t have too much going on. The third room was literally a hallway with the final door. This was a concern I had with these rooms that’s only made to last 6-8 months, that it wouldn’t be made to be terribly immersive cause of how temporary they’re made to be.




Below Zero - retired
Stick a fork in us, we're done
Room Quality65%
Customer Service75%
  • Unique theme
  • A bit under-decorated

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