Hansel & Gretel Escape


wThis room (made for Mar – Spring 2017) feels like it’s made for a longer duration of time as opposed to the previous room. The quality of the room adds the theme of the room making it look more cottage like as well a big old style oven used for cooking children in. Hansel and Gretel were here and escaped but left clues for anyone else to fall victim to the witch to be able to make their escape as well. While it’s a singular space, it’s divided with two cell areas that your teams (team H and team G) need to work together and exchange clues to get out of the prison. Puzzles were on theme for the most part. Some interactive and spacial elements the room gave more variety than the standard lock boxes. We did have to ask for a couple hints to some things as the puzzles don’t necessarily correlate with any particular lock. One puzzle got us to do something on the opposite side of the cell that we weren’t sure we were allowed to go into based on what we were told beforehand. Definitely the stronger of the two rooms we did back to back.




Hansel & Gretel Escape
No trail of breadcrumbs needed here
Room Quality85%
Customer Service75%
  • Interesting theme

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