Red Magician -retired


WThe Red Magician replaced the former room Vampire Empire. Just at a glance, the layout of the room is the same (which makes sense) as well as the wallpaper, but other elements are added to the decor to change it up a bit. It’s actually a significant improvement over the Vampire Empire room and as well their other “Red” room (Red Cabin, which I was also told was revamped after numerous complaints to parts of the game play). Puzzles are a bit random, but on theme for the most part as you make your way through this room. There is one part here that makes it very… meta. Breaking the “4th wall” as it were, which was pretty neat. Another puzzle is also pretty technological that I’m fairly certain I haven’t seen anywhere else before. Yet. We didn’t quite make it out in time as we were half of our normal team power plus a first timer, but we got to the last couple of puzzles. The one we got stuck on kinda threw me as some symbols on it I tried to directly correlate with things to things in the room but was less significant and more… decorative, and was more important where they were as opposed to what they were.

dI went into this room with some reservations, considering my first experience at this location wasn’t the best. But I guess things have improved since then, because this room was pretty fun! From my understanding it replaced a previous theme, so I’m not sure if there’s any similarities with the old room or not. As a room on its own though, I enjoyed it. In terms of the puzzle variety, there were a few interesting ones in there, one that even has voice activation. And I liked that a lot of the puzzles were integrated with the theme. The room itself is simple, but IMO decently decorated. It’s a pretty small space, and you’re just sorta left to figure out what puzzles go with what locks and go from there. It’s relatively non-linear, and some of the puzzles are somewhat difficult in that we struggled to figure out what puzzle went with what lock, but it was engaging enough that I didn’t get overly frustrated. Even with a very slow start, we ended up going right to the last puzzle without any hints, so I’d say we did okay.  Overall a good experience.




Red Magician -retired
Couldn't quite reveal all the secrets... but, almost!
Room Quality75%
Customer Service78%
  • Unique puzzles
  • Improvement over previous room
  • Some disjointed puzzles

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