A Golden Acquisition


WAdventure Rooms. An appropriate title opposed to the common escape room when it’s a task given as the theme as opposed to just escaping. We’re hired to steal an item of value from a collection of antiquities and other artifacts. It’s a single room that’s quite spacious with lots of hidden clues and puzzles and a sectioned off office area that you get into later. There’s an adequate amount of puzzles that need to be solved and can be done in no particular order up to a certain point. It’s fairly non-linear in play, which allowed our team to move puzzle to puzzle and kinda rotate around when needed without having to be focused on a single puzzle together. I honestly don’t know how a couple of puzzles were solved and I’d solved a few without everyone else knowing as well. Two specific types of locks that we’ve never came across before and were interesting to see. The use of decorations in the room added to the effect of being in a collector’s collection despite not being in play. Puzzles were a good mix despite being a little random for a few things. Still not sold on riddles being involved in a puzzle, but we were able to make due.

mThis room was a really fun one for me, and our first at Arcadia Adventure Rooms. We initially were brought to a waiting room to wait for all of our group members to get there. In the waiting room we got to do something we’ve never done before: design our group sign. It’s just writing your name on a chalk board slat but it was fun to be able to personalize that bit. The room itself was well done. There were at least two locks we had never encountered before, one of them was explained to us beforehand but the other we had to figure out ourselves, wasn’t too hard though. The room was a really good mix of physical seek and find, and non-linear puzzles. Our group broke off into two or three separate groups working on puzzles and when one group couldn’t get it, another group would switch off and we found this worked really well. The decor in the room was great, and I felt pretty well immersed in the setting we were supposed to be in. The “artifacts” were a nice touch, and really believable. Escaping with the Golden Alpaca gave a great sense of accomplishment and excitement which is why I think I enjoyed this room so much. Arcadia has really impressed me with this room and I’m looking forward to trying out their PvP room!


This was a pretty impressive introduction to Arcadia’s escape rooms. Loved the decor, very well done, really great props and theming. Probably one of my favourites on aesthetic alone. An interesting touch to the theme that also really adds to the immersion is that the radio here keeps track of the time for you in 10 minute intervals, there’s no digital timer to count you down. So definitely keep your ears open as you go through this room. In terms of layout, there’s room for bigger groups here. Our group of five could spread out and work on different puzzles pretty easily. There were some clever ones in there that I enjoyed a lot, even a puzzle that involved feeling out clues, which was neat. Lots of variety, mostly non-linear. There’s even a dad joke in there somewhere, heh. Upon finishing, another nice touch is that this location has you write your team name on a board, so it really adds to the sense of victory when you get to watch your team name go up on their wall. I left pretty happy. Definitely will be recommending this room to others. Solid stuff.





A Golden Acquisition
Got the goods, and made the top 5!!
Room Quality90%
Customer Service82%
  • Nice mix of puzzles
  • Non-linear game play

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  1. Mel

    Be aware that many parts of this room are dimly lit, making it even more of a challenge.


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