Fairy Tale Kingdom – retired

WSecond time here now and we decided to do the room that was kind of alluring with the theme: Kingdom Hearts. Essentially a combination of the video game franchise Final Fantasy and Disney characters into a new video game franchise. The room itself is a bit lacklustre in it’s immersion. It’s a fairly small single room not particularly decorated in any real way to make you feel like you’re in the world, but more like a 5-year-old’s bedroom with some displays and tables set up. Now, I was told that the room is made for (to…?) young kids, so that’s why it had a very plain looking interior. The puzzles were okay, though. It had a good variety of different types of clues and puzzles and was a heavily tech based room, although some of the tech wasn’t working properly. The final puzzle was still a bit glitchy as it was relating to a bunch of sensors, but the GM stopped our time and came in to oversee the puzzle, as it looked like we had it right the first time, before exiting and letting us get out to our own satisfaction. It’s got a ways to go to appeal to general escape enthusiast, but that didn’t seem to be the goal, so I dunno.




Fairy Tale Kingdom - retired
Wasn't a magical as we were hoping
Room Quality50%
Customer Service75%
  • Unique variety of puzzles and tech
  • Was not Immersive
  • Malfunctioning tech
  • Under-decorated

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