Survival at Z-Hour – retired


WTeam Zombie:

This room has you split your team up into two groups: Humans and Zombies. One team has to find the cure to cure the zombies and the other has to break into the lab and eat the brains. This is my first PvP styled room. Having heard of the other PvP room a couple of the others did in Edmonton, I did enjoy having a theme for this one when I learned the other one had no real immersion/theme. Things are incorporated well theme-wise, and my side (Zombie) was pretty well decorated and expansive. Lots of non-linear puzzles again, to be solved in any order, along with something that marked your sense of progression.  Puzzles were easy to associate with the corresponding locks and it seems we were pretty close to the survivor side in terms of finishing as it was neck-and-neck for a while right up to the last minute. But ultimately, in the end, I got to eat some brains!




Survival at Z-Hour - retired
Pretty fun with a themed PvP styled room
Room Quality85%
Customer Service85%
  • Variety of puzzles
  • Non-linear game play

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