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We mainly found Logic Lock as they were in the vicinity of our hotel downtown so we decided to give them a try. And, boy, are we glad we did. Like a few other escape rooms, they’re located in an office building, but they built walls around the walls of the office windows to fully encapsulate the room to their own liking. Not just, for instance, putting up a decorative vinyl that goes in and around the window frame and glass. The audio intro and clues following are in the same pre-recorded voice (think like those Schwarzenegger sound boards) where they are a buttload of audio clips in relation to what puzzle you’re on and how to give you appropriate hints. They monitor you through the cameras but also listening as well, so you don’t need to doorbell anything if you need help. There were a wide range of different puzzles in this room with a progressing story that (if you follow through the story as your characters) you’d get hints and clues from things that’ll help you later on different puzzles. Having done rooms in an office building environment (carpet floors, tiled ceilings, etc) this didn’t even feel like it at all. The room and props and decoration (especially in the last part) takes you to a destination believable to the story. Although it’s their easiest room, it’s actually really fun to do, and based on how much we enjoyed this room we came back the next day to do another.

We had done two rooms already that day and were trying to figure out what we wanted to do that night and found a location just down the street from the hotel and decided to check it out. This location is very new and they currently have three rooms open though they have plans for lots more. In The Warehouse of Thieves you’re supposed to be on a task force that needs to find out the secrets of Xzavier Harrington who is the leader of a famous clan of thieves. When we walked into the room I immediately noticed the effort put into the decor. You were supposed to feel like you were in a warehouse, and with elements that they built in addition with the buildings own elements, they did a great job. Certain items were glued down so you couldn’t move them, and others were clues to later on in the story. This room was definitely very story driven, and if you didn’t pay attention it would make things harder later on. This was the first room we did where all of our  clues were sound bites, and not the person monitoring the room. We were all a little skeptical how this was going to work, however it was really well done. There was a person watching and listening to us at all times, so they could randomly interject that we had something wrong or right, or give us a clue as soon as we asked for one. The staff were really friendly and asked us for our feedback when we were done the room, and pointed out some of the elements of the story that we missed along the way.

The room we decided to try was called the Warehouse of Thieves and boy howdy was I glad to do this one. The clue system here was probably the most memorable experience I’ve had in any escape room I’ve done, it’s all soundboard based so you aren’t reading clues on a monitor or trying to explain where you are. They listen in and play little clips to help guide you along; some clips are humorous and poke fun at you. The build quality of the room was amazing, they really nailed the warehouse theme and the puzzles were top notch. They progressed nicely as the story went on which is a huge plus for me, nothing was extraordinarily hard. Be sure to pay attention to everything in the room, as it will help you out later on as you get deeper into the warehouse.  Over all this was an extremely memorable room and I highly suggest you pay a visit to do the Logic Lock rooms.





The Warehouse of Thieves - retired
We found the ringleader and uncovered his identity!
Room Quality92%
Customer Service98%
  • Largely story driven
  • Great decor for an office space
  • Variety of puzzles and tech

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