The Poltergeist Room – retired


You want a spooky room? Here’s one for you. There’s a lot of elements in this room to make a standard horror film. I mean, one doll is scary enough, but this room pushes the limit. Kinda gives you an uneasy vibe from the get go. We came and did this room the next day following an impromptu visit to one of their other rooms because of how much we liked it. This room was on par to the previous one despite being so different in theme. The puzzles ranged from tech to just plain observational and one very, very neat one we haven’t seen before using salt!  Lots of little jumps and spooks in this room despite being well lit inside. The audio clues were moreso trash talking and taunting by the girl who haunted this room, which was pretty cool. You could technically have conversations with the girl depending on what you say. Like a Marvel movie, this room contains easter eggs with little nods to their other two rooms currently at this location. The story takes an M. Night Shyamalan twist at the end, where what you’re told in the prestory isn’t quite what you thought it was!

Because of the experience we had with The Warehouse of Thieves we decided to go back and try another one of the rooms here. This one was about a haunted apartment. We were trying to figure out the reason behind the tenants disappearance and to perform an exorcism. This was a spooky room and the decor was definitely on theme. Like the first room, there were certain things in the room that were glued down, so they were clearly not needed as puzzles. Also, like their other rooms the clues were sound bites. This added a lot to the room and made it really enjoyable. There were a few puzzles that I had never experienced before, and a few jump scares which I really liked. We figured out a few of the puzzles quite quickly, and solved one without the clues we were supposed to use just by guessing correctly. We used a few hints and I was impressed that the sound bites gave great hints and not just answers. Like the Warehouse, the person running our game came in and talked to us about the game after we were done to hear our feedback and go over anything we may have had questions about.

After the amazing experience we had the night before, we decided to come back and try the Poltergeist room. They really nailed a creepy vibe, which really makes your senses go to top gear right away. Once again Logic Lock nailed the hint system, the audio clues not only gave you a push towards the answer but it was sprinkled with sarcasm. The room does have quite a few jump scares and small spooks that will get your blood pumping. Some of the puzzles were just observation but they had a few really neat ones that we’ve never done before. They really used the physical building to their advantage in this room, it had that old creepy run down vibe you expect to see in a horror movie. Once we finished the room the game master came in and had a debrief with us, going over any missed puzzles or hidden easter eggs that we may have missed. It’s a fun aspect going over the room since most likely you won’t be repeating that room so you can see the thought pattern behind creating the room.

I visited Logic Lock again recently with my own group of friends and played this room on the advice of W. I was not disappointed. If you’re looking for a creepy room, this is it. Immediately on entering, you’re surrounded by dolls. A whole room full. Instant creep factor. Add to it the hint system is inhabited by a creepy sounding dead girl, I was on edge the entire time. There was some really ingenious out of the box puzzles in this room. Again, the use of technology in this room was great and provided a lot of jump scares. We got held up on one puzzle that was a little hard to wrap our heads around but that was about it. Logic Lock once again gains close to full immersiveness with this room. You really do feel like you’re in a creepy haunted apartment being haunted by a spirit. This room goes down as one of my top horror rooms.




The Poltergeist Room - retired
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Room Quality91%
Customer Service96%
  • Trash talking ghosts
  • Lots of scares
  • Variety of puzzles and tech

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