The Killer’s Game


wIf you read the backstory they gave on the website for their description, as well their game image, you can presume the influence of the room design is Saw themed. Though, when we did the room, we were kinda given a slightly different story. Some elements in the first room were reminiscent of Saw. The room had spacial interactive puzzles, not sure how we figured it out, but had to unscrew some things and somehow got an answer for something. A few spook parts in there, but a lot of the fake plastic limbs and body parts. The hint system here actually were severed hands with “hint” written on them to use as tokens for trading for hints. One puzzle wasn’t locked and a few later ones we had some trouble interpreting the order of how things are to be deciphered. There’s a variety of puzzles and locks in the room which kept things interesting along with some tech pieces. It’s pretty on par with what we’ve come to expect from Exit rooms (except X-17) which is why we had decided to try it in Edmonton. Also all the room themes here (despite being repeated in other locations) are all different from the Calgary ones.

This room was what I would have expected based on the rooms we had previously done at E-Exit in Calgary. Unlike the other rooms in Edmonton, which were all 45 minutes, this one was 60 minutes just like in Calgary. For this room we had been taken prisoner and had to figure out how to escape before the killer returned. This is a theme that is used quite often, but unlike most other places, for this one we started off chained to the wall in separate parts of the first room. Most of the puzzles in this room were things we had seen before, however their clue system is a little different than any of the other rooms I’ve done. They had clue ‘tokens’ hidden around the room, and if we wanted to use a clue we had to use the intercom to get them to come to the room and trade a token in. We had to use two clues in total, however one of the locks was unfortunately already open which caused some of our puzzles to be solved out of order. We never figured out how we would have solved that puzzle, and forgot to ask at the end. The staff were nice enough, but the lobby was really small and because of the light coming in the front window (which seemed to be blinding the staff) it made taking our picture at the end a little difficult.

Our final escape room of the weekend brought us to E-Exit on Whyte. Just like its Calgary counterpart, the parking can be a bit dicey on evenings and the weekend. The room we decided on doing was the hardest room The Killer’s Game. Walking into the room you are escorted to different areas and chained to the wall. You’ll need to find a set of keys to unlock the locks keeping you tied up. This requires some teamwork as others cannot see certain parts of the room. The theming of this room was pretty standard horror themed props, nothing really stood out for me as a wow factor though. They had one good jump scare later on in the room but it got annoying very quickly. For the puzzles it was mostly the standard set of locks/boxes and riddles to solve. I’m not sure if it was just due to fatigue from doing seven rooms in one weekend or just the lack of direction we received, but some of the puzzles we needed hints to figure out what to do next. Overall, it was a fun room to play through; if you are a fan of the SAW series you’ll probably get a kick out of this.




The Killer's Game
Escaped before we got killed with all limbs intact!
Room Quality72%
Customer Service72%
  • Good use for spacial puzzles
  • Spook factor
  • A few disjointed puzzles

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