wWe had kinda put this room off for a while after how we all felt after another particular space themed room, but it worked out! The room itself is a bit trickier (being their hardest difficulty room) with a few integrated and spacial puzzles. The decor was on par to what their other rooms are like within the limitations they have in an office space, but still felt more on point than X-17 in terms of feeling like being on board a spaceship. Points of progression throughout, but some previous players I guess decided to write on things other than the clipboard of paper provided and either aided or confused us. There’s a few time killers in this room but it helped with having an adequate amount of players. Fairly non-linear and could have different people simultaneously work on different puzzles. The room was fairly heavily story driven with its puzzles themed accordingly, but didn’t have the intended urgency from us. Which is our own fault I guess. Apparently (as per usual) we breezed through the difficult puzzles and struggled with the easier puzzles and finished just a few minutes short of the record.

This was the last room of Escape Hour’s we played and it was worth the wait. In contrast to their other rooms, this one was very believably decorated that maintained the illusion of being on a spaceship. There was even a TV for the “windshield” that simulated lightspeed travel which was a cool touch. There was some cool uses of technology that we had not seen before and plenty of different types of physical puzzles mixed with logic. The room was a good level of difficult requiring us to use a few hints but it progressed well and flowed nicely. Once again I cannot speak more highly of the customer service from Escape Hour. They remember us and always debrief with us at the end and truly seem to appreciate what we have to say. We are sad that we are done with all the rooms here but really looking forward to seeing what else Escape Hour has on the horizon in different cities.




Survived the wormhole!
Room Quality88%
Customer Service95%
  • Variety of different puzzles
  • A few "time killers"

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