The Disappearance of Dr. J – retired

WDr. J was murdered (as opposed to just disappearing) and it seems like you’re in a room where everyone is a potential suspect. The story itself isn’t quite like what’s depicted on their website (neither are any of the other themes it appears upon a second look). The puzzles are okay, as there’s a variety of different trains of thought to go about them. Some a little more difficult than others but nothing extraordinary. One tech device was not working and had to be bypassed. Considering the story given on the site as opposed to the room, the theme of the physical rooms was decorated a bit odd and at times a little under-furnished. The first part we made through in a only a matter of minutes, as it was pretty direct and we were able to skip one puzzle. The one interesting thing about this room is the roles given to each individual where there are different end goal tasks to be accomplished. So, kinda like multiple endings which was interesting to do. But this would all depend on the type of people who do it as some may not care for going against the norm of the group.

Our first impression of Escape Master wasn’t the best overall but we decided to bring my friend here for his first experience of an escape room. The room we decided on doing was The Disappearance of Dr. J. It was the first room I played in that gave you specific roles before you start the room, but your other group members don’t know what role you have been given. This concept is neat if you have a large group, it would create a bit more chaos. We were warned beforehand that the room is meant for larger groups so keep that in mind if you are booking this room. The theme of the room seems to be on par with Escape Master’s other room, nothing overly impressive or stands out. The puzzles were all the basic stuff you’ll see in other rooms, they did have one cool aspect in the second part. The progression of the decor didn’t really tie together, in my opinion it would be better if we started in the 3rd room and progressed backwards. It was a fun room to do but the experience would have probably been more fun with a larger group. It was a much better experience then the Fairy tale Kingdom room we did here.




The Disappearance of Dr. J - retired
Someone won, but not everyone...
Room Quality63%
Customer Service83%
  • Role playing
  • Under-decorated
  • Non-functioning tech

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