Floor 13 Elevator

mMy girlfriend and I tried this room separately from the rest of our usual group and ended up completing the room with just the two of us. This was the first time I had done a room with only two people and I was pleasantly surprised that we managed to breeze through quite quickly. That being said, this wasn’t a super easy room by any means, more middle of the road in terms of difficulty. The premise of this room is that you have been staying in a hotel, and on your way up to your floor, the power goes out and you find out there is a bomb in the building, so you must escape from first the elevator, then the lobby. Now, this room is EXTREMELY unique in that the elevator portion moves. Like, really moves. So much so that I felt the slightest bit of vertigo. So, sadly those with physical limitations and the inability to be in a small room that’s shaking you up like an earthquake should not attempt this room. I’m sure that’s mentioned on the booking part of their site, but be forewarned anyways. I LOVED that part of the room though, and it amped up the immersiveness for me big time. They got a few screams out of us that’s for sure. The whole thing was nicely decorated, there was a good mix of physical puzzle and logic puzzles. They all flowed together really well along with not being linear so we were able to split up and do our own things. All in all, this was a great first impression for me from Lockdown Red Deer. I’m definitely interested in seeing what their other rooms have to offer.

After hearing about how the room actually moves, we wanted to try it out for sure. You’re lead into the elevator compartment to start off, and from there, the adventure begins. The movement part feels like it was a little delayed but man did it move! Glad it didn’t last the entire time we were in there. There was an emergency kill switch if it was too much for any individual though. The puzzles were okay. Most of them were fairly on theme or related to parts of our environment and they varied in regards to types of locks or inputs we had to use to solve them. Definitely more on point theme wise with their puzzles than another room we did at this location. The room(s) were decorated well and really emulated an elevator and lobby all the way down to the lighting. We did have to keep our time remaining in mind as no one had really realized we had escaped until we got back to the entrance. Their leaderboard was based on number of hints used, time remaining and number of people in the group. We ended up finishing in a record time to earn the top place for the room!

After doing the freezer room at the other Lock Down location, I wasn’t sure how they were going to pull off the elevator room. The freezer room was kind of neat, but a little disappointing, this one however was really well done. The room REALLY moves, enough so that it actually surprised me. There is an emergency stop in case you can’t handle the movement (or in case there is an actual emergency and you need to get out). As M has mentioned, if you have any issue with confined spaces and/or being shook around in a small room, maybe skip this one, however it added a lot to the immersion and definitely made the experience more fun. We were late to start because something was broken, but once we were in the room everything (as far as I could tell) was working without issue. There was a decent mix of logic puzzles as well as physical puzzles, and no real time wasters which was nice. Overall it was a pretty solid room and would recommend checking them out. We made it out, but the people who were monitoring the room didn’t notice right away which made it a little anti-climactic. We did however make it out with the fastest time and a number one spot on the leaderboard.



Floor 13 Elevator
Luck was on our side
Room Quality93%
Customer Service70%
  • Full motion part of the room
  • Some disjointed puzzles

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2 Responses

  1. Tammy Oliver-McCurdie

    Thanks for your review. Please not there was an upgrade to room two of the elevator, wow factor, the week after you played. Glad you liked it as it was.

    Also, what about customer service? No mention on how we could get better. Not sure whay you rate your customer service on?
    We are always aiming to get better in all areas and any feeback from your expererince would be great.

    • M

      Hi Tammy,
      Our rating system is all explained in our “about us” section. In this case, customer service was generally great and definitely up to par. Only area I felt was lacking was a little bit of enthusiasm. At some places they just go above and beyond with things like speaking with us afterwards and getting feedback on the spot. In this case, when the room was done, there wasn’t a lot of interaction afterwards besides taking the picture. Generally, it just felt more like they were going through the motions. It wasn’t a bad experience at all though and we definitely hope to be back to see the rest of the rooms and have the rest of us try Floor 13!



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