Escape Trumps Tower

WMake escape rooms great again! After opening with two rooms, we’ve waited a while for Confined to come out with a new room and here we are! This room gives us the idea of what it must be like inside the (other) home of the President. The room itself is pretty on par for what we’ve seen with Confined as far as decorating goes, even though it’s taking it down a notch being “inside a building” theme with nothing too outstandingly extravagant for them to play with like their other two rooms. Everything about the room is humorous and very much how the majority of us, being neighbours to the North, see and hear about the things going on South of the border. It’s a big satire, and fits for timing, cause whether you’re big into American politics or not, you know about Trump, you know about Hillary, and you know most of the going ons of everything that happened. Some of the “out of the box” thinking slowed us down in the beginning, as per usual, and we didn’t really get into the swing of things until the last part. We required a few helpful hints to nudge us in the right direction. Some answers were a bit more obvious than others. Almost got out, but we didn’t know how to work a safe apparently. =(


Confined Escape Rooms’ newest room is hands down one of the funniest rooms I’ve done. Following along with their other rooms, their decorations were on point and extremely immersive. Felt like you were in Trump Tower (terrifying!). The uses of subtle and not so subtle humor were great, and I found myself laughing out loud through the entire room. The puzzles themselves were very interesting, some definitely on the harder side for our group as they just required a more abstract way of thinking. In terms of customer service, these guys are always great. We even ended up leaving with swag in the form of “MAKE ESCAPE ROOMS GREAT AGAIN” hats and pins reminiscent of Trump’s campaign gear. Another awesome addition to Confined’s rooms, and one I have started recommending to all of my friends.



Escape Trumps Tower
We didn't quite make it great enough
Room Quality88%
Customer Service98%
  • A very strong satirical theme
  • Hats!
  • You can't unsee certain things...

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